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New Whitepaper Available! The Importance of Clinical Trials in Cancer Care

A health champion for you and your family

When facing serious medical issues, managing the healthcare system can seem daunting. Between confirming your diagnoses, coordinating across multiple specialists, and making critical treatment decisions, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. PHM helps you understand your options and provides access to the latest advancements in medicine. Our support is comprehensive and it starts from the very first call.

Leissa was only 31 when she received an invasive breast cancer diagnosis following a routine annual exam. As a young woman, her concerns extended beyond her immediate cancer diagnosis. PHM listened to her priorities and helped her select the best treatment sequence to preserve her fertility while removing the cancer.

How we do it

Our proprietary 4-step approach arms you with information and support to confidently make care decisions – from diagnosis to treatment planning and implementation.


Obtain, review, and summarize your health history and all relevant medical records to inform your clinical care


Secure comprehensive diagnostic testing and arrange expert consultation to reach an independent confirmation and deeper understanding of your diagnosis


Identify and prioritize treatment options personalized to your unique profile and condition based on leading expert opinions and relevant medical research


Provide comprehensive support to ensure the treatment plan is optimally implemented and your progress is closely monitored to obtain the best possible care and outcomes

The Plus Factor

We know what it takes to get you the best medical care.

Dedicated support from a Personal Care Team

Our highly-trained team collaborates with you and your doctors to confirm your diagnosis, understand your unique presentation, and provide decision support throughout your treatment.

Advanced Practice Clinicians

PhD Research Scientists

Care Logistics Coordinators

Medical Records Specialists

Facilitated access to top medical experts

We believe in expert opinions, not just second opinions, which too often result in confusion for the patient. We work closely with as many leading specialists as required to determine the right care plan for you.

PHM Medical Directors

PHM Consulting Physician Partners

Curated Treating Provider Referrals

Research & education on the latest developments

Our unique in-house research department of MD, PhD and PharmD scientists scour medical literature to provide the latest information to guide your decisions. We investigate and evaluate innovative technologies, including new drugs and devices, new diagnostic modalities, and clinical trials.

Individualized Research

Access to Cutting Edge Treatments


It all adds up to better care

We aren’t daunted by even the toughest cases. Here are just a few examples of how we’ve helped people just like you.